Marco Ceraglia was born in Rome in 1960, lives and works in Sassari. Graduated at the European Institute of Design, was a teacher there from 1985 to 1991. He alternates profession with personal research and continues teaching in various Schools, Institutions and Universities. He has collaborated with the best pubblicity agencies in Sardinia and has realized several national ADV campaigns.
At the same time he trained to become a Performer/Street Artist (Theatre en Vol as an actor and later he founded his company Equilibri Precari.
Has published several photographic books and in the last few years he is present in the  section of the Art Edition with some titles (Torino “Salone del Libro” 2010; Madrid “Estampa” 2012). Always in the last years he has developed several projects under the form of Installations /Sculptures using different materials but mainly iron and steel. 
His works are present in public and private collections.
From 2002 he follows a path of personal research into creativity with GRECAM (Gruppo di ricerca, espressione e creatività attraverso il movimento) under the  guidance of Norberto Silva Itza.
In 2014 he trained to become a Curator at Fondazione Modena Fotografia.
mail to:                          mobile +39 3287023400
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